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Stepping Out of The Digital Age - Design Boards Making a Comeback

As many of you probably know, and can relate, we are living in a digital world; even more so now with COVID. In design, we have seen a shift from formal presentation boards and design presentations, to more loose lay materials and remote web meetings. In many ways, this new digital age of presentations is more efficient and fluid, allowing the client to become more collaborative in the process; but, it lacks the formality and tangibility that was once a staple in the design process.

Recently, we were asked to prepare a color board for a senior living project to be displayed during construction. It felt good, to get our materials together and build a formal display board. It's still 2020, so we did not completely throw our digital tools out the window. We also created a beautiful virtual rendering of the soon-to-be bistro space and a digital board for this rendering to be showcased. Sometimes it's good to mix a little of the old school techniques with the new age technology, and in this case, it was a raging success!

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